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  • posted I need sober support/community a meeting, anything really. I moved from Pennsylvania to Florida for rehab in 2016 I stayed sober for a couple years (i have never thoroughly gone through the program and I want to so bad.) but eventually starting dipping and dabbing into alcohol (not my doc not that that matters) eventually somehow went back to using again which I never thought I would but things happen. I met my fiance there where he was a meth addict, me heroin we did great for years up until 2020 where we somehow got into the heroin again. He has just gotten out of a detox and his mother picked us up from Florida and took us back to Indiana (his homestate) so now he is going to a PHP program and I am staying at his parents home about 25 minutes outside Indianapolis. I just need support, I need good people in my life to talk to. I need a sponsor a meeting. I want this. I need this I am desperate
    • HeatherO Support can be vital and meetings are tough with COVID safety precautions. I know they are urging people to attend meetings online. Have you tried this?