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  • posted Hello. I just joined...
    Do you all do on-line meetings, or how does this work?
    I recently slipped...I found some actually meetings near where I live and am going to start attending those, but wondered about on-line meetings.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.
    • HeatherO How have things been going for you Neen?
    • fuzzy1973 i myself have never done an online meeting as there are plenty of meetings in my area (and for me being around people is important when it comes to meetings). i know that there are people who look down and criticize it when people "slip/ relapse". but in the big book of AA in the chapter "to the wives" it does discuss/ say that we shouldn't look down on or be critical of people when this happens; it just means something just didn't catch on and they'll get it when they're ready. don't feel ashamed.
    • HeatherO Adding to what Andrea said, Sober Network does have monthly Live Chats about recovery with Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle and offer Recovery Coaching. Were you able to get things back on track?

      Another help to your recovery may be the website It has online meetings that you can attend. Let me know how I can be of help!
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