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  • posted FYI - For people on the site for awhile, I had to change my password to log back in. Maybe due to relaunch....
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  • posted How is everyone doing with their recovery? It has been a rough week for me! Trying my best...
  • posted Hello everyone! What's new? Anyone have any tips on surviving a stressful week without using?
    • tanderso massage, bath, comedy Netflix movie.
    • AndreaR When I have stressful weeks, I try to take some time to myself and remind myself why I quit in the first place.

      Not to advertise or anything, but I go to YouTube and play the videos that are posted by Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle, that have a hashtag of #MyComeback

      I usually play the “Focus” video, and it will make me remember why I quit in the first place.

      My suggestion to you is to try those videos and find something or someone who motivates you to keep going.

      Happy Holidays.
  • posted Hello everyone! The holidays are rapidly approaching and I am afraid I will use. Any tips/suggestions for getting through the holidays without using? What do you do?
    • AndreaR First of all make a plan of what you’re gonna do, and always have a backup plan.

      Second, try and spend it with family who support you and if you have kids, spend the holidays with them.

      The less you have around the less you have a chance to use.

      Go to meetings whenever possible, and always remember to reach out when you have an urge.

      Happy holidays
  • posted I just got out of treatment. My facility didn't have any aftercare programs or follow up procedures. Transitioning to life back home has been rough. Any tips?
    • SoberAna Thanks for the input!
    • fuzzy1973 in my experience in seeing people fresh out of rehab (i was never in a treatment facility myself), they are very unsure about how to apply the things they learned in rehab. i have seen them struggle since they are now more or less "free" and don't have people watching over them. in the 12 step program i'm in, the members do try to welcome and help out new people; introducing themselves, sharing phone numbers. it can be quit an adjustment. there are people in meetings who are more then happy to talk, give rides, have coffee and help in creating a new sober life that works. old ways don't create new opportunities; you have to make the effort. you can do this!
    • HeatherO Falling back into your old routine can be damaging to your recovery because it will bring you in contact with old friends you used with, etc. You can get help with this by finding a Recovery Coach to help you create an action plan to follow and can help you stick to it. They can provide continuing care and keep you engaged in recovery.