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  • posted Our new logo. for Recovery Zone
    Housing for Women in Transition
  • posted Super stoked and super proud of our TEAM!!
    You all created my vision and it keeps getting better!
  • posted Working on getting this link LIVE so all those who pre-reg on Sobercoin.net will be able to get theirs
  • posted HAPPY HAPPY to all. Please stand by for exciting news to be revealed. Check in often for updates, in the meantime, jump in and contribute to our growing community of recovery!
  • posted Happy Thanksgiving it was! Bountiful table of food and family to enjoy. Pans of stuffing, turkey and rolls were delivered to less fortunate. The first person I encountered on that mission was a man I have known for 15 years of his recovery, some of those times, not drinking. My always definition of recovery; Not dead, plenty of Hope.
    Then and now, we stay grateful.
  • posted Been hearing about a watershed moment in history regarding infinite sexual harassment incidents by lawmakers and everyone else. Then I listen to a US Congresswoman refuse to name names out of fear of repercussion. Call for culture change for sure, how is that possible with guilty (sic) elected leaders running the show?
  • posted See it at www.recoverycoaches.com
  • posted We have an AWESOME Recovery Coaching curriculum that is NAADAC certified!!
    • HeatherO I have taken the courses and they are very user-friendly. Can be done from your couch and learn a lot of valuable information!
  • posted Talking about a bottom...yea it can get deeper but stops when we stop digging. It took awhile.