Things are starting to shut down again in my state and I am sure this is the case in many others. How is everyone coping? Finding healthy ways to manage stress?
  • HeatherO Thank you for sharing Markus D
  • Markus D How am i staying engaged in my recovery? my own. And involves far more than just shit drug abuse. My memory and remembering numerous upon numerous times a day who i was, where i was, how i was is how i stay engaged with my ...recovery. My memory and remembering reminds me soooo clearly what will happen to my mind and psyche if i go back to the shit drugs. I...messed myself up real bad on that last shit dope run. Messed my head and psyche up...irrevocably.(the years clean now have proved that out.) I know good and well...i go back to the shit, once i start comin down, i'll be full on schizo. Ive come too far to go back to that. So...just how i stay engaged. That...and checkin in on the app here every morning.
  • HeatherO How are you staying engaged in recovery during lockdown mode?
  • Markus D Here in california, everything is supposed to be in a lockdown mode. Here in california, people have been stupid and ignorant from the getgo regarding this whole pandemic situation. I just moved...this month. Finally back into my own domicile. I havent had my own space like this since i began my path of...recovery...6 yrs ago now. My housemates this year....ignorant and uncaring about covid the whole time. my own space now, again. And im as unstressed as ive been in many years. Lockdown? Haha...whatever. I hope you are doing well.enough...