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  • posted FYI - For people on the site for awhile, I had to change my password to log back in. Maybe due to relaunch....
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  • posted My life has been somewhat of my own private shit show lately. Some things are of my own misguided creation, some of things I have no control over. Yes, I am sober but not really thinking sober and just frustrated with things.

    This evening I had to do laundry after work as I prefer to go later in the evening when no one is there so I can be alone. I heard a stumbling around the corner and a lady was talking to me obviously having a bad day. She was overly talkative and asked for a cigarette. As she was talking she told me she was in NA (I myself am in AA), I just listened to her and her story. She had no place to go and it seemed like no one really cared about her or her well being. Her story was the usual; everybody let her down and what nots, various medical problems, nowhere to go and she obviously had mental issues.

    As I was finishing my laundry I asked her if she’d like me to get her a hotel room for the night. She seemed shocked and was concerned about the cost and I said don’t worry about it since there was no way in hell she was staying with me and there was no place for her to go.

    When we got to the hotel the lady at the counter was also familiar from the rooms. As I signed the papers paying for it I told her;
    “now, the conditions are don’t destroy the room, when you get up tomorrow do what you need to do and when you are in a better place do this for someone else in need”.

    As I left I told the receptionist “I was never here”.

    Now, I’m expecting some rather expensive medical bills, I am not rich or really all that well off and this will set me back. I did this not because of any religious faith or trust in a God or trying to get into heaven. I did it cause no one fucking cared about this woman. Society sucks. I know how it feels to not have anyone give a shit about you; that feeling of loneliness. Maybe she’s someone who makes a habit of this. But, maybe we can all be better human beings when needed instead of balling about our petty problems.
  • posted Good afternoon everyone I am new here. I am in the first steps to admitting I have a problem. I saw this community and it looks like a safe place to share.
  • posted How is everyone doing?
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  • posted Weekend Thoughts - What do you see when you look at the glass in front of you? Is it half full or half empty? Sometimes we focus on the negative and forget about all the good and things we have to be grateful for in life. It sounds so simple, but changing your perspective can really change your attitude and mindset. Try it today!
  • posted BIG NEWS!!!

    New Hampshire law to expand telemedicine reimbursement via @MobiHealthNews
  • posted “The only place where your dreams become impossible is in your own thinking,” – Robert H Shuller
  • posted How is everyone doing?
  • posted “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you always got.” - Ed Foreman
  • posted “There are secret opportunities hidden inside every failure.” Anonymous
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  • posted Who else is stuck in a heat wave? What are you doing to survive the heat and stay engaged in recovery?
  • posted How many of you use the Sobersystems app to help with your recovery?

    For those who don't know - This free app is available on Android or iOS systems and provides help when needed and accountability.
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  • posted Hi All! I am brand new to this site but excited to use a new tool on the road to recovery! It has been 5 days since i last drank. After many stops and starts, i hope this is a place i can come to when my rationalizations for drinking flare up. So far i am inspired by what i have read.
  • posted Hello Everyone!! Thank you all for creating a place to share our journeys into a sober life.
    Today is a special day for me to share: June 19, 2019 is my 30th AA Birthday!!
    Sober since June 19, 1989; it was not a day when I was coming into AA on a the peak of a winning streak. At my first AA Meeting that Tuesday evening, I heard all the stories. When I got home that evening I slept soundly, convinced that what I heard at the meeting were all lies! That NOBODY could go without a drink for an entire day - and most certainly not for 30 days.
    But next day when I confidently shared my conclusions at my second meeting, they all sort of smiled at me, saying, "Keep Comin' Back...". And I did and did and did and did keep coming back. God Bless all of you people in all of those AA rooms because it is with YOUR help and guidance that I have not had a drink today, 30 years after that first AA meeting.
    • HeatherO Thanks for sharing!
    • Mike Wick Hi Heather - Attending my first AA meeting was not of my choice. After a powerful intervention I went into a 28-day treatment center )The Care Unit). The AA meeting was not an elective. we all went. I was groggy and paranoid, probably didn't know what exactly was an AA meeting. But as I said above my learning curve started that night. Albeit slowly.
    • HeatherO Out of curiosity, what was your thoughts going into the first meeting? Any words of advice for those who might be hesitant to start attending meetings?
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  • posted What have you found to be your hardest struggle in recovery?