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  • posted there are a lot of different support groups/ fellowships for dealing with different addictions. not every "group" is for everyone. so if you are suffering from alcohol, it may not be a good idea to go to a narcotics addiction meeting and vice versa. although most fellowships are (or in my opinion 'should" be) tolerant of others, you also have to be respectful of where you are and what you say. we all want to be of service, but you can't fix a leaky pipe of you're an electrician.
  • posted happy labor day everyone! remember to make a meeting; most 12 step programs still have meetings regardless of holidays.
  • posted one of the things i see (and have a hard time myself) in recovery is the difficulty with "principles before personalities" in fellowships. you'd think we'd all be in this together. it's hard enough dealing with "normal" people, let alone other alcoholics (or whatever addiction you suffer from). although i try, what are some things YOU do to help get thru the day in and out of rooms?