Hello. I need a place to move to. I am getting evicted by a scheisty landlord. I am disabled and get social security. I live in sacramento ca right now...and i am.very open to moving someplace else that has a much lower cost of living than california. Help!
  • HeatherO Markus - How are things going?
  • AndreaR Markus, I gave you a list of places that have lower living rates than California, as you asked. Just don’t go to Seattle... it’s outrageous.
  • HeatherO Did you look into any of the suggestions such as Section 8, HUD or a housing authority?
  • Markus D Im worn out. Ive lost every actual friend i had. I have gotten and stayed clean of speed finally some few years now. I need a landlord who wont tell me hes gonna evict me while im paid up. 2 landlords now have done that to me. And 5 unlawful detainers have been laid on me and dismissed. Trial on #6 is in one week. Im tired. Its been all i can do to deal with these legal issues correctly and without incident between myself and the law. I have no friends anymore. I get ssi. I do not want to be homeless again. I used to live that way by choice...and was sent to 12 different prisons in california without a strike. I have been off parole many years now...modified my behaviors to keep me and the law ok...and i have no clue what is next for me...or where. I need help. I need direction. I need a landlord who wont tell me hes evicting me while im paid up! help
  • Markus D The landlord...who has been trying to evict me and been failing...well, his tenancy here is now being terminated by the actual landlord...just found out yesterday. I have trial next week on unlawful detainer #3 here. The first 2 here were dismissed by the plaintiff themselves after i responded. I have now had 5 unlawful detainers on me in the last 2 years , dismissed
  • HeatherO How is the search going Markus D?
  • Markus D Andrear.
    ....umm...i doubt very highly that the places you mentioned have higher costs of living than california.
  • AndreaR Suggestions for states with lower living rates: Arizona, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, or Utah. Washington, is not an option. They are just as expensive as California.

    If you need help with money for rent, try HUD or Section 8 vouchers. I know they take some time to get, but every state has them, and it would help a lot with rent.
  • HeatherO Oh no! I am so sorry to hear. Did you call your local housing authority to see if they had any options or suggestions?