My personal holiday.

I am not a holiday person. They’re nice and all but I have just learned not to make a big deal out of them anymore. As with many other recovering alcoholics, my family dynamics can be rather “awkward”, better than some but not as good as others. I have just learned not to wait by the phone to be invited to anything and if I don’t feel up to visiting it’s ok not too.

I do have a tendency to isolate. I know to some this can be rather dangerous but, I am very comfortable being left alone for the most part; less people= less stress and drama to deal with!

I do feel rather disappointed that I didn’t hear from anyone from my family about having dinner with them; it would have been nice but I just expected as much. I am kinda the “weird one” and don’t really fit in and there is a certain stigma that comes along with being in recovery. I would have just been ok with just staying home and indulging myself in my own personal interests for the day; being left alone as I have grown accustomed too.

At my home group meeting the other night, my former sponsor but still friend and part of my support group asked me what I was doing for the holiday and replied that I was just going to hang out at home for the day. He suggested and invited me to have dinner with him, his wife and another friend (all in the fellowship). Now I am not much of a social person and rarely get invited to do anything (although a friend of mine had pointed out that it would help if I get out more often LOL) and usually gasp at the idea of social activities. I struggled with the idea but after some thought accepted their invitation. As is customary, I have made some dessert to bring and although nervous, I know that sometimes getting out of our comfort zones can be a good thing.