you have to set boundaries. not only for other people but, for yourself. self will got us nowhere.
  • fuzzy1973 that can be tough. all you can do is let them know that it's your choice and not theirs that you don't drink and it's ok if they choose to drink. as long as you're comfortable with the situation there shouldn't be a problem.
  • SoberAna My issue is that I am fine around alcohol and going out for wings. However, it is my friends who feel uncomfortable for drinking by me. I know they are supportive, but how do I get them to stop acting odd?
  • fuzzy1973 well, if you have done a proper 4 and 5th step (or some kinda of moral inventory) that's a start for things to watch out for in others and more impotently- yourself. if you know a certain person, place, or situation is going to be trouble, chances are it is. there is no shame in choosing not to go into a bar 'just for a hamburger and fries with a friend" if you feel uncomfortable about being around alcohol; always better safe then sorry. if some one doesn't show respect for your choice in sobriety, they are probably not going to be a good influence on you. but most importantly; you have to learn how to put your sobriety first for yourself, not anyone else.
  • HeatherO True story but it can be tough. How do you do this without creating stress and using?