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  • posted Dont forget to celebrate how far you’ve come. Everyday is a new day,

    Recovery is like a diet. If you mess up one day, it doesnt mean you’ve gone off the deep end. Just pick yourself up and start fresh. You can always start over. Dont be ashamed. Its not the end of the world. Just pick yourself up and do it again.
  • posted Just got a reminder through a website that I wanna share:

    Sometimes we’re tested not to show our weaknesses, but to discover our strengths.

    Don’t forget how strong all of you are for making it this far in your recovery!
  • posted How is everyone doing in their recovery?
    • AndreaR Doing ok. Health problems have come up, but I’m getting a handle on them. Sometimes I really get reminded of how grateful I am to have so many people in my circle through this crazy journey of recovery. ❤️
  • posted I recently participated in a week long confidence course that focused on how fear can hold us back. It even worked with you to ID fears. I didn't even realize I had some of the ones that it pointed out. What fears do you have and how have you overcome them?
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  • posted I don’t think anybody made a real conscience decision to be an alcoholic. I won’t debate (or try to for either party) whether or not we were born this way. But, something happened along the way for sure. Somethings also have to happen along the way in our sobriety as well; new experiences, good things as well as not so good. We learned how using alcohol as a solution to our problems didn’t work. So, now we are somewhat like teenagers again; having to learn our way thru this big world all over again; but, on a more solid foundation! It takes time, effort and patience!
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  • posted Sorry for being so absent. Last few months have been a nightmare to deal with, but everything is good now. Hoping to be here more often.

    Thought for everyone: Have you thought of coping mechanisms to deal with your recovery? have they been working? Do you need new ones? If you’d like help, there are recovery coaches who can help.
    • AndreaR Coaches, help you through individual sessions to figure out what your triggers are, and then help you figure out coping mechanisms. I’ll brag a little, I have a pretty good one.
    • HeatherO How does a coach help with that?
  • posted Hello. I need a place to move to. I am getting evicted by a scheisty landlord. I am disabled and get social security. I live in sacramento ca right now...and i am.very open to moving someplace else that has a much lower cost of living than california. Help!
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  • posted Been sick for awhile now and absent from the group. How is everyone doing? Any good news/updates anyone would like to share?
  • posted Hello Selena, im kinda in the same boat as you. I need all the support i can get as well. Its been a tough haul. How are you doing? Glenn.
    • HeatherO Saw your posts Freedom. Are you ready to stop drinking and take steps to change things around?
    • HeatherO Glenn, What topics of are interest to you to discuss about recovery?
    • Freedom Ive been drinking 4 many years now and around 4 years ago i had total kidney shut down failer and i havent stopped drinking .ive lost almost every1 i care because of it
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  • posted Hello! I am new to the group and just starting out with my sobriety. I need all the help and support I can get! :) How is everyone doing today?
  • posted What is the best advice you have been given in regards to recovery?
    • AndreaR Best advice I’ve ever received was that the only opinion that really matters is your own. When you figure that out, you can really start your journey of recovery. Start with your mindset. It changes everything.
    • tanderso Immediate family are my worst critics. Have long distance relationships with blood relatives'. Meet a newfound family of AA Fellowship members' to help you. Relate to others' don't compare yourself to them.
    • fuzzy1973 happiness is an inside job; there is absolutely nothing anyone can do to create happiness for you; it's your own responsibility!
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  • posted today i reached 5 years continues sobriety! it does work as long as you put the honest effort into a program and stick with it thru thick and thin!
  • posted Don’t forget that changing your diet to eat healthier is a way of providing self care. Self care is extremely important in every step of recovery.

    What do you guys do for self care?
  • posted How is everyone doing with their recovery? It has been a rough week for me! Trying my best...