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  • posted Hello. I just joined...
    Do you all do on-line meetings, or how does this work?
    I recently slipped...I found some actually meetings near where I live and am going to start attending those, but wondered about on-line meetings.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.
  • posted Hi I am in the neighbor hood and want to join this meeting can you tell me what to excpect when I to and about if they are working on the 12 steps or traditions and Sponsorship
    • HeatherO Each meeting has its own setup and way of doing things. Generally, the AA and NA meetings go off of the 12 steps and include gaining a sponsor. The best way to determine if a meeting is right for you is to reach out to the meeting directly or participate in one to see if you like it. Wish I had a better answer, but no two meetings are the same. It is finding the one that is right for you.
    • HeatherO or did you find a meeting on that you were looking to attend?
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  • posted I just got out of treatment. My facility didn't have any aftercare programs or follow up procedures. Transitioning to life back home has been rough. Any tips?
    • HeatherO Falling back into your old routine can be damaging to your recovery because it will bring you in contact with old friends you used with, etc. You can get help with this by finding a Recovery Coach to help you create an action plan to follow and can help you stick to it. They can provide continuing care and keep you engaged in recovery.
  • posted Unfortunately, sometimes coping mechanisms can stop working and people have to find new ones. What are some coping mechanisms that you use to avoid using?
  • posted Our new logo. for Recovery Zone
    Housing for Women in Transition
  • posted Super stoked and super proud of our TEAM!!
    You all created my vision and it keeps getting better!
  • posted Working on getting this link LIVE so all those who pre-reg on will be able to get theirs
  • posted Free Sobercoins now available. Visit for more info!
  • posted As 2017 comes to a close, new doors open for us in 2018. SOAR!
  • posted HAPPY HAPPY to all. Please stand by for exciting news to be revealed. Check in often for updates, in the meantime, jump in and contribute to our growing community of recovery!
  • posted Happy Thanksgiving it was! Bountiful table of food and family to enjoy. Pans of stuffing, turkey and rolls were delivered to less fortunate. The first person I encountered on that mission was a man I have known for 15 years of his recovery, some of those times, not drinking. My always definition of recovery; Not dead, plenty of Hope.
    Then and now, we stay grateful.